About my photographic artwork

Limited edition


My photographic work of art can only be purchased in small limited editions. The editions vary from work to work, but the normal edition is a total of 25 copies for each edition. + 2 pieces AP. The total print run can be divided into three different sizes for the artwork.


Example 1, at 25 copies edition:


Size A 3 + / 10 pieces          70 x 100 cm / 10 pieces         100 x 140 cm / 5 pieces.   = totalt 25 pieces


Example 2,  at a small edition


Size 100 x 140 cm / 8 pieces + 2 AP

Quality paper & ink


All photographic works are developed on the highest quality paper from Hanhmüle, Photo Rag 315g. and printed on archival giclée inkjet inks that meet the highest quality standards for gallery and museum quality.



Authenticity Certificate


Each specific work of art is numbered and signed by hand by Heini Peters and comes with a certificate of authenticity and details of the specific photographic artwork.



All work that is ordered without framing are rolled up in tissue paper and placed in a hard transport tube and immediately delivered through the mail. The package contains the certificate and the information on handling, framing and storage.


Photographic works that have been framed by us are sent immediately after framing with a transport frame, with a careful transport by courier company



© Heini Peters