There are places in our world that everyone wants to leave and no one wants to visit. I traveled there and it broke my heart.

In this universe that we know, we live on a small planet that we call Earth, our home. The moment we are born and take our first breath, we are placed exactly where we are. Life on this planet begins there. This place where your life begins can be just about anywhere and you have an option to keep breathing and take your second breath to survive.



Wherever you were born in this world, it is exactly the same for everyone born here. Here your life should begin with all your basic needs for survival being provided to you. So that you as a person can thrive, develop into a fellow human being who does something good for your surroundings and future generations so that everyone would have as good and secure  life as possible.



Unfortunately, our reality here on earth does not look like that. The difference from having what you have or not, comes down to two things. Where you were born and the other is really a worthless product that we could actually live without, if we only understood that we humans are the creators of everything we have around us on this earth.


And that it is not this product that does anything yet to limit us as human beings. If you have now let go of your selfishness and greed, you know what this product is.

As I walked around there, I could observe that most of the children were not playing and smiling. Many of them were otherwise busy working for the day's food. Or they were tired after the day's work. In my pictures you can see many children smiling and laughing. The reason for that is that for a short while I drew their attention with my camera, and it made them forget for a short time their hard everyday life.

Now you have seen some pictures from the place where no one wants to travel. I have a lot more and a lot to tell you about my meetings I had. I can also show where many of these children end up when they grow up.


If you want to know more, you can contact me for, for example, showing more pictures where you can hear my story about the pictures.