I traveled to a place where most people do not travel to ...

It is a place where everything ends up that we do not want, a place where we throw hazardous and toxic substances that make us sick. A place where human waste is collected, this place we call garbage dump.


I got to experience and see another society that I hoped did not exist. There I met people who lived their entire life there, working from dawn to dusk to survive the day. They called this place their home. My photos can not enough describe the circumstances under which these people live in, the heat, the stench and the dirt you will not be able to feel. But I hope that my pictures will give you a little insight into how some children grow up in our world that we all share in different conditions.

People who live here are building their home everything they can find on the mountain of waste around them. The stench of the rotting waste can not be described in words. Here I met people who were born here and will probably take their last breath in this horrible environment.

Here rests a boy after a long working day. Many children work every day to look for different materials on the mountain of waste that can be recycled. For many children, this way of life and their only chance to survive the day and get food.

Everything people own, they have found at the dump They take advantage of everything that can be used to give them a human existence, such as to have a couch.

Here comes a boy running after a working day. The boy has sold material that he has dug up among the waste. I wonder where he is going with his day's earnings?  Will he get his meals for the day?

Many streets near the dump where purchasers have their places are covered with dirt from the landfill, which dizzy around and mixes with the exhaust from the trucks giving an air environment that you want to completely avoid inhaling.

I can still hear the little girl crying

Try to imagine waking up like this on the street every day.













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The children in the slums area


This photoreportage is photographed in Tornado in the Philippines, classified as a slum area, highlighting the children who start their lives there. What is a very tough social environment for children to grow up in.